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TWO PAPER MACHINES 8500mm Reel Width

Acme # A098448

Two used paper machines 8.5M reel width for the production of brown grade papers. Machine 1 was built in 1972 by Valmet and theoretical production of 45gsm 486 – 572 TPD. Machine 2 was built by Valmet in 1974 and theoretical production of 538 – 626 TPD at 45gsm. Both include: approach flow; stock prep; pumps; and computer systems.

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Paper, Board & Tissue Machines

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XA098398 Used paper machine last producing 28 TPD of fine, colored, art and security papers 45 – 70 gsm at 210 m/min, 1530 mm (60”) trim. Stock prep includes stainless batch pulper, micro filter, consistency transmitter, Black Clawson Hydradisc refiner, Pilao disco refiner, cleaners and Lamort pressure screen. The paper machine includes: Allimond headbox; stainless cantilevered wet end; 2 press sections; 2 size presses; three dryer sections; 2 Measures systems; tail transfer tape unit; and 2 overhead cranes. Hanssen double drum rewinder, 1750 (68.5”) wide. Part of an entire line. Specs and photos for all available.

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A098141 Used 1660 mm (65”) trim tissue machine manufactured by Beloit in 1962. Produced 5,000 TPY ( 1 TPH) of tissue napkin 16-28 gsm at 1100 MPM. Stock prep includes: 20 cu mt Grubbens s/s pulper; w Vargo beaters; 3 24P pressure screens; etc. Machine includes Beloit pressure flowbox, s/s lined; cantilevered s/s fourdrinier; suction pick up, 2 press sections one withsuction roll;Voith Yankee dryer 2100 mm face, 3658 mm (12’) diameter, 8.6 bar; Measures 2200-3 scanner; Beloit horizontal reel; sectional electric drive; and Measurex 2002 scanner for moisture/gsm and ash. Beloit rewinder, Trancell roll wrapper (1991) and more.
A098321 Used 1700mm (65.5") paper machine previously making 45 MTPD of corugated medium and test liner 112 - 180 GSM at 189 MPM. Combination cylinder-fourdrinier machine includes: 4 s/t cylinder moulds with couch rolls; GL&V turboform wire section with suction couch and breast rolls; 3 presses; a total of 13 dryer ans 1500 mm dia either 3 or 3.5 bar; 3600 mm MG dryer; single nip calender with swimming roll; reel drum; pumps; drive; instrumentation; rewinder; and much stock preparation equipment. Runing until 1st quarter of 2011. Full equipment list available.

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A098422 Used 1690 mm (66”) to 1700 mm (67”) deckle machine making printing and writing papers. 18 – 140 meters/minute; 50 – 285 gsm, line shaft with sectional drives to the size press and reel, Lippke QCS. The machine produces 16-17 TPD on 160-180 gsm and 12-13 TPD on 285 gsm. See full equipment list.

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H092515 One (1) Used Paper Machine 1.75m (68") Yankee Tissue.  Operating speed: 240mpm - 350mpm.  Basis wt range 30-32gsm.  For Toilet Tissue or Towel-Machine complete with Lamort Stock Preparation 12m3 Pulper (Hi-cores). Approach flow, Lamort Screening, Wire Section 18.4m long Yankee 3m Dia. (1986) with Presser Roll.  Hi-vel Hood(Brunschweiler) with heat recovery, also 2.5m Dia Pre-dryer. 1987 Bellmer Reel-up(as Beloit) producing 1.5m Dia Jumbos. ED.C. Drive System. Process contro; by Fisher-Univox.  Vacuum system by Siemens-Elmo. Converting plant including:- Rewinder, Core Maker, Embosser, Log Saw Packing and Wrapping.
H094304 Used twin wire paper machine designed to make Bristol/cover grades, 122 to 395 gsm, 42 tpd, 340 fpm.  58.75" minimum trim width.  72" maximum trim width.  Due to the twin wires, top & bottom sides are similar, not "two sided".   Machine includes:    Two, open type headboxes    Brass, suction couch rolls,  4  suction boxes,  10" dia. X 90" face             dandy roll for each wire    3 press section and a smoothing press    Fifty, 48" dia. 30 psi dryers (some are 15 psi)    Vertical size press, rubber top & bottom rolls    21 roll Hunt & Moscrop calender with top & bottom swimming rolls, 14"        dia. x  80" face.  Intermediate rolls are 13" dia. X 80" face        30 hp 11800 rpm dc motor & controller   47" reel dia. with 3 reel bars   Winder is a double drum Pussey & Jones, 1500 fpm, a/c drive, 4 rolls,        minimum roll 16.75"   Lineshaft drive and core pulleys, manual grease lubrication   refiners, cleaners, hycor dewatering screen.
H096248 Used Pusey & Jones 2.06 meter trim fine paper machine capable of producing 40 - 330 GSM fine paper.  Maximum speed 130 m/min., maximum capacity 1.9 ton/hour.   Machine includes:    2.3 meter wide Hogenkamp closed headbox    2 plain presses    1 smoothing press    (12) 1.4 m dia. dryers in two  groups    inclined size press     (4) 1.4 m dia. After dryers    2 roll Basagoitia calender, variable crown    Coghlan reel,     Jagenberg model 26-12 winder with maximum width 2.6 m, maximum roll        diameter 1.5 m.
XA098205 Used 2200 mm (86") fourdrinier coated board machine designed to produce 180 - 190 TPD coated board, 200 - 500 GSM at a maximum speed of 250 M/minute. Machine has 2 coating systems and a size press. Also includes a mill with rewinder; convertin plant; Jagenburg sheeter; and 4.8 MW cogeneation plant. Full details and equipment list available upon request.
A098390 Used 2100 mm (82.5”) trim Beloit Yankee tissue machine produced up to 30 TPD of 15 – 30 gsm white and deep color tone napkins at 900 m/min (design speed 1,000 m/min) from virgin stock. Machine includes: stainless steel pressurized headbox; cantilevered fourdrinier with suction press; 3642 mm (143.2”) Yankee dryer, 7.5 bar; Yankee dryer hood; Honeywell-Measurex quality control scanner type MX; pope reel for maximum 1.5 meter reel; rewinder with 4 unwind stands; spares; etc. Stock preparation includes: Black Clawson high consistency cleaner; Sunds Conflo J01 double disc refiner; (2) Escher Wyss deflakers; Beloit disc filter. Approach flow system. Vacuum system. Specs and photos available.

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H093454 One (1) used Escher-Wyss 86" (2.20M) trim Yankee Fourdrinier Tissue Paper Machine.  Speed: 975 FPM (300M).  Grades: 20-50 GSM. Capacity: 30 T/D.    - Hogenkamp headbox - 99" (2.52M).    - Fourdrinier table - stainless steel cantilevered 2.64M x 9.30M.    - Press section - 2-roll pick-up press.    - Yankee press roll 492MM x 2.670M face    - Yankee drier 3.6M dia. x 2.75M face 3.5 bar    - High velocity hood     - (2) After driers 2.5M dia x 2.65M face 3.5 Bar.    - Accurray system .... (Paper Machine - can be offered rebuilt.)

One (1) used Manchester 86" (2.20M) trim fourdrinier paper machine.  Speed: 975 FPM (300M).  Grades: 50-120 GSM. Capacity: 50 T/D.  Major rebuild in 1994. Machine includes: open headbox; fourdrinier with 6 hydrafoils, 19 dewatering rolls and 7 suction boxes; three presses; 16 dryer cans 48” diameter 4 bar maximum pressure; 4 roll Kuster calender; pope reel 700 mm diameter; line shaft drive; vacuum pumps; basis weight control system; and spare parts.

A098173 Used 86” (2.2 M) Wagner Dorries fourdrinier paper machine, last producing 24 TPD or 10 – 160 gsm wrapping, office and kraft paper running at 135 mpm. Machine includes: air padded, all stainless steel headbox; fourdrinier with stainless steel main beams; couch press; 3 press sections; 9 dryer cans 1500 mm diameter; 126” (3.2M) dia MG cylinder, 2.5 bar; Hung & Moscrope calender with swimming rolls crowning on the bottom cylinder; Pope reel; lineshaft drive; 7 vacuum pumps; and spare parts. Stock preparation includes pulpers, refiners, and screens. Sketch and photos available.
A098130 Used 2200 mm (87”) trim Fourdrinier paper machine used on 115 – 290 gsm wood free base paper at 50 – 200 m/m. Includes Voith 1989 headbox; Bellmer 1991 wire section with Finckh dandy roll; suction press, turn suction press and smoothing press; 24 drying cylinders 1250 mm, and 1 cooling cylinder, 2.5 bar; Scheufelen size press; 3 roll Dusters machine calender; and Bellmer pope reel. Stock prep included.
A098297 Used 2400 mm (88") trim board machine last producing 100-110 TPD or 300-700 GSM. Machine includes: 6 Celli mould forming cylinders; suction press 2 presses; 7 dryers 1500 mm; 4 dryers 1250 mm;5 dryers 1250 mm; MG cylinder 3200 mm dia; 8 dryers 1250 mm; all dryers are 3 bar; QCS system. Also includes stock prep.
A098425 Used 2350 mm (92") trim Celli forming machine previously proding up to 35 TPD of core board, fluting and test liner. 100 - 150 m/min. 90 - 250 gsm. Includes stock preparation. Machine has: 2 forming drums plus one additional drum; flat press; reverse press; 5 dryers, 1500 mm x 3 bar; 2500 mm Yankee, 5 bar; thermocompressor; pope reeler; Celli slitter rewinder; boiler; mono-shaft transmission; and more.

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Used 94.5 “ (2.4M) trim fourdrinier tissue machine manufacturing 18-25 TPD of 18-30 GSM at a maximum of 500 MPM. Machine includes Bruderhaus pressurized, stainless steel entry box; Gorostidi cantilever flatbed; pick-up with tension rollers; 2 presses against the Yankee dryer 13’-8” (4.2 meter) Yankee dryer, 4 bar; Bell blowing hot air against the Yankee; 3 doctors; pumps, etc. Winder with 2 tape splicers. 1000 PMP drive speed. Equipment list available.


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A098341 Used 2.43 M (95.4") Over Mecanica Crescent Former tissue machine producing 30 TPD of 16 - 40 gsm at 565 MPM. Includes 3.6M (141.4") diameter with a working width of 2499 mm (98"), 2.5 - 2.8 bar. Last thickness of the yankee was 42 mm. CBTI high efficiency hood with natural gas burners for a maximum 550 degrees temperature, 450 degrees working temperature. Pope reel.
A098298 Used 2420 mm (95") board machine last producing 70 TPD of liner-fluting, grey board and white/grey board 80-400 GSM 200 MPM. Machine includes: 3 hould former cylinders; 2 presses; 9 dryers 1500 mm dia; yankee cylinder; and pope winder. Also includes stock prep, rewinder, boiler, etc.
H096508 Used 2.45 meter cylinder machine previously used to manufacturer wrapping papers from 100 to 300 gsm @ 100 meters per minute and producing 40 to 42 tons per day.  Machine includes:    cylinder mould 1,250 mm diameter by 2,800 mm face;     2 press sections;     (6) pre dryers 1,250 mm diameter by 2,750 mm face, 4 bar pressure;     Yankee cylinder 3,000 mm diameter by 2,800 mm face, 4 bar pressure;     pope reel;     rewinder;     heat recovery hood over pre drying and over Yankee;     drive, some pumps, controls etc.
A098085 Used 2450 - 2500 mm 3 cylinder paper machine last producing 70 tpd of 110-180 gsm fluting paper, or white top fluting paper at 180 mpm. Machine includes: 3 Finkh cylinder moulds, s/s; double press section; gas heated Float dryer by Dornier with 9 drying chambers; 2 glacing cylinders; measuring device for moisture and thichness (2002); and pope reel. Stock prep may be available serparately.
A098086 Used 2450 - 2500 mm 3 cylinder paper machine last producing 45 tpd of 110-180 gsm fluting paper, or white top fluting paper at 180 mpm. Machine includes: 3 Finkh cylinder moulds, s/s; double press section; gas heated Float dryer by Dornier with 4 drying chambers; 2 glacing cylinders; and pope reel. Stock prep may be available serparately.
A098296 Used 2510 mm (98") Fourdrinier paper machine for liner, fluting and kraft papers, 103-105 TPD of 100-190 GSM at 275 MPM. Machine includes: Over Meccanica open headbox; Fourdrinier; breast and suction douch rolls; 2 felt sections; 21 pre-dryers 1500 mm dia; 12 post-dryers 1250 mm dia; inclined size press; pope winder; and rewinder.
A097858 BELOIT FAMPA, 2500 mm trim, wire width: 2700 mm Max speed: 400 m/min Max capacity: about 20 Tons/day Grammage: 20-40 gr/m2 Max reel Ψ: 1800 mm Parts of the machine: - Head box Converflo type - Wire Cantilever system, wire length: 14.800 mm with: breast roll (Ψ 510 mm, length 2800 mm) forming box couch roll (Ψ 510 mm, length 2800 mm) 3 hydro-foils 3 suction boxes - Press Section: Pick-up roll Kasten type First press, Venta-nip type (linear pressure 589 N/cm) Second press - rubber roll blind drilled in contact with the Yankee cylinder 11 felt rolls 2 spiral felt rolls 3 felts suction boxes - Dryer Section: 1 Yankee cylinder Ψ 2400 mm, length 2675 mm, with doctor blade and cleaning blade (steam pressure 9 bar) 5 dryer cylinders (Ψ 1500 mm, length 2650 mm, steam pressure 3 bar) Pope winder, with drum Ψ 610 mm, length 2700 mm High efficiency hood for the Yankee cylinder and semi-open hood for the dryer cylinders Steam-condensate plant Vacuum plant with 4 vacuum pumps type WP40 - S (40 mc/min) Stock preparation with hidropulper, tanks with agitators, pumps for pulp and white water, centricleaners and centriscreens for waste paper. Water, steam, electric energy and compressed air plants
A098446 Used 2500 mm (98") trim twine wire paper machine producing 180 - 220 TPD of test liner, semi chemical, medium, fluting and white top, 70 - 220 gsm. Max. speed 600 M/M
A098123 Used 2500 mm (98”) Fourdrinier machine last producing Flutting and Straw Flutting, 90 – 175 gsm, 220 tpd at 130 gsm, at 600 mpm. The machine is driven from the wire to Pop reel via Siemens PLC control. Stock prep includes pulper, poire, cleaner drum thickener, refiners and screens. The machine has a top Bellbond former. For the 2nd layer there is a second headbox in front of the Bellbond. Machine includes: Hydraulic Converflo Concept III headbox with Honewell Thermatrol system; Cantilever fourdrinier with breast roll, pneumatic wire guide, tension, Honeywell Devroniser system with 19 actuators; 3 press sections; 4 dryer groups with 49 cylinders 1500 mm, 5 bqar; 6 roll Fampa machine calender; Fampa pope reel; Fampa rewinder; Honeywell Measurex for grammage and Moisture (QCS); and 2 cranes.
A098003 Used 2500 mm (98”) trim fourdrinier paper machine last producing 112 – 190 GSM at 450 – 285 MPM. Machine Includes: Closed head box with dilution Basagoitia built in 2000, slice width 2.750 mm, hydraulic capacity 26.400 l/min with 32 regulators manual; Cantilever fourdrinier built by Allimand, installed in 2000, breast roll diameter 410 mm and table width 3.100 mm, mottled, 5 hydrofoils 1.100 / 510 / 280 mm number of foils 9+5+5+4+4, 5 vacuufoils 520 / 810 / 465 mm numbero of foils 5+7+5+5, 1 double + 6 suction boxes 1 x 740 / 4 x 280 / 2 x 360 mm; Suction press roll diameter 824 mm and width aspiration 2.850 mm, diameter of the holes 6,5 mm; Felt rolls 6 diameter 260 mm and table 3.108 mm; 1st press section plain, sup 1 press 530 mm / 2.960 mm, botton 2 press 510 mm / 2.960 mm, press maximum 55 kg/cml; 2nd press section plain, sup press 615 mm / 3.100 mm, inf press 610 mm / 3.100 mm, press maximum 85 kg/cml; 3rd press section plain, sup press 585 mm / 3.000 mm, inf press 600 mm / 2.980 mm, press maximum 85 kg/cml; Felt stretcher and guides; Dryer section composed by 4 sections totalling 30 cans 1500 mm diameter 6 to 8 bar pressure; Pope reel diameter of the drum 1.150 mm and table width 2.700 mm, 5 spools diameter 340 mm, hydraulic and pneumatic; and sectional drive built by ABB.
A097854 Used 2500 mm (98") trim Carcano 4 vat cylinder machine last used to produce 80 tpd of fluting and testliner 90-300 gsm at 250 mpm. Machine includes 6 dryers, 3 bar 1500 mm diameter; 2 dryiers 5 bar 2000 mm diameter and 2 Toschi cylinders 10 bar, 2000 mm diameter; 3600 mm diameter yankee by Over, 5 bar. Includes stock preparation with pulper and refiner, Krofta waste water treatment and steam boiler.
A098367 Used 2550 mm (100”) trim Voith twin wire paper machine previously producing 150 TPD (24 hrs) of corrugated base (kraft) paper, 125 – 270 GSM at 320 M/min. Machine built in 1956 with upgrades through 2007. Line includes stock prep and approach flow for bottom and top layers with wet and dry broke pulper and fiber recovery system. Machine includes: bottom cantilevered wire with air cushion headbox with manual basis weight cross-profile; top wire as above; 3 straight-thru presses; 18 pre dryers 1500 mm, 5 and 8 bar; 5000mm M.G. cylinder; horizontal size press; 12 after dryers as above; soft calender; QCS for basis weight and moisture cross profile; hydraulic Pope reel; sectional drive with individual motors; and vacuum system. There is a finishing house, 2 machine cranes, steam and power supply and spares.

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A097855 Used 2570 mm (101") trim twin wire machine by Carcano and Comer previously making 140-150 tpd of fluting and testliner at 500 mpm. Machine includes: Comer headbox to supply 70-140 gsm; second Comer headbox to supply 30-60 gsm; two Over presses with 610 mm diameter rolls; 28 drying cylinders 1500 mm diameter; Mesurex - Honeywell control unit; Over pope reel with 1800 mm diameter reel; Brunschweiler drying hood; Toschi model RB-90 slitter rewinder 1500 mpm max speed, 2600 mm working sidth. Also included is stock prep pulpers, cleaners, refiners, etc and a power plant new in 1999-2000 to produce 15,000 kg steam/hour and 4,000 kW.

Used 2.6 M (102” trim paper machine with extensive stock prep equipment. 700 MPM (2300 FPM) design and 540 MPM (1770 FPM) maximum operating speed producing 50 – 300 GSM of fluting, corrugated medium and fine paper. Other paper specialty products also produced. Stock preparation equipment had 2006 and 2008 rebuilds. Equipment Includes: Andritz process control system; Voith pulper; screening drum; Detrasher; high consistency cleaners; turboseparator; Combisorter and several screens. There is also an approach flow system. The machine includes PAMA headbox new in 2006; wire section with 2006 and 2008 rebuilds; suction couch roll from 2006; press section with 2008 rebuild with 3 press rolls; dryer section had a 2006 rebuild with 28 pre-drying cans; and 12 post drying cans; horizontal size press; and pneumatic control pope reel. The mechanical drive was new in 2006 as well as the electrical drive. Also included are 5 vacuum pumps; steam condensate system; hood and ventilation system (new in 2006); Krofta water treatment and QCS scanner. Included is an Aprocart winder new in 1992 and rebuilt in 2008. 2.6 M working width, 2000 MPM. 1,83 mm maximum rewind dia and 2000 mm maximum unwind diameter. Steam generation included. Photos and equipment list available.

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A097793 Used 2.62 meter (103") trim board machine manufactured by UDDEVALLA MEKANISCA VERKSTAD AB last running at a speed range of 100-250 meters per minute to produce 160-300 gsm, 150 tons per day. Forming section includes 5 sectional dry vats and a mini fourdrinier. There are 2 press sections, 24 dryers, MG dryer, 12 post dryers, 2 coaters, starch sizing, calender and reel. Full specs and photos available upon request.
XA098401 Used paperboard system to produce up to 70,000 tons of: 10.7 TPH 160 gsm brown board 420 m/min; 10.6 TPH 190 gsm plasterboard liner 350 m/min; 10 TPH 240 gsm brown board 260 m/min; and 8.8 TPH of 300 gsm brown board 180 m/min. Machine trim 2650 mm. Includes: stock preparation; paper machine with formers; rewinder; finishing; basement; laboratory; electrical and other small workshops; documentation; manuals; drawings and more. Photos and equipment list available.

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A098115 Used 2700 mm (106”) trim M.G. paper machine and line previously producing 3.8 TPH of envelope and bag papers 34 – 100 gsm from recycled papers, 160 – 600 MPM. Stock preparation includes pulper, Krima C line, de-inking cells cleaners, screens, thickener, and refiners. Machine includes: Overmeccanica pressurized stainless lined flowbox; stainless steel,catilevered fourdrinier; Overmaccanica press sections with suction pick up roll (first press being a combination press, double felted, top roll 560mm diameter and face 3100mm, max pressure 382 pli, centres are 3780m, suction roll approx 600mm diameter. The second press is a blind drilled press, top roll 1000mm diameter face 3050mm , load is 100 pli. Both presses are pneumatic loading. All rolls are on A/F bearings.); (7) Westbury predryers 1500 mm diameter operating at 90 psi; Beloit 6000 mm diameter, 3080 mm face M.G. cylinder new in 1982, running 68 psi; Westbury after dryers at 45 psi; Honeywell canner controlling moisture and GSM; Bertrams horizontal reel (rebuilt 1982); sectional electric drive; broke pulper; pumps; Jagenberg Vari-Dur two drum winder 2800 mm working width, shaft unwind; and floor mounted reel scale with LED read out. Specs available upon request.
A098445 Used 2650 mm (104" twin with paper machine previously producing 280 - 300 TPD of test liner, semi chemical, medium and fluting. Max. speed 700 M/M. 90 - 200 gsm.s
A097856 Used 2649 mm (104") trim Toschi tissue machine last producing 28-32 tpd of 17-50 gsm at 650 mpm. Machine includes: Toschi ECT2 headbox xcreen; pressurized headbox with auto level and pressure control; cantilever wire table with 500 mm breast roll; stretch roll on torpress with adjustment and 1 fixed adjustable stretch roll; 825 mm suction press roll;2500 mm diameter yankee dryer, 5 bar and hood with natural gas burner; pope reel with 500 mm diameter reel; Cameron 700 mpm slitter rewinder. Stock prep includes pulper, high density cleaner, screens, deflaker, refiner. There is also a flotation water clarifier, sludge press, steam boiler and pumps.
A097401 Used 106” (2700 mm) trim tissue machine with Beloit wet end and Escher Wyss dry end. Maximum speed wet end 1.200 m/min Maximum speed dry end 600 m/min Production speed 500 m/min Basis weight pope 18-25 g/m2 Production 35 MT/day Formation Beloit inclined wire with suction breast roll Headbox Hydraulic with Fan-pump SCANPUMP Wire Cantilever Pick-up Ceramic tips and pneumatic swing Presses Suction Press ESCHER WYSS 3 vacuum zones 750 mm diameter 1 shelf spare part Blind drilled Press500 mm. diameter Yankee Flat internal 3.600 mm diameter, 4,5 bar steam pressure Cast iron metallized. Last grinding April 2001 Hood BRUNNSCHWEILER Gas fired 360Ί C max. temperature. Pope reel ESCHER-WYSS 1.700 mm max. diameter reel Drive ABB analogical TYRAC-8.
A097783 Used 2.7 meter trim board machine previously producing 10-12 tpd of special board for various industries and pressboard for electro industry 900 - 3300 gsm at 50-60 meters per minute. Built in 1974 with several rebuilds, this machine includes: forming vat with 2 spare vats; couch roll with pneumatic lifting, felt (13,0 x 2,7 m) with clamping unit, size roller, breast roll, permanent pressure reduction for better surface; size roller; - flatbed press, completely reconstructed 1998, with high-pressure pumps, water-operated; controls are concluded in one SPS control unit Klφckner-Mφller, built 2000; 2 pair of longitudina knife cutters and 2 cross cutter; 3-level dryer, steam-heated, 2 drying zones with separate temperature control,dryer completely reconstructed 2001. Stock prep includes pulper, 4 refiners, pressure separator, pumps and waste water floating unit. Certuss steam generator built 1992.
A098395 Used 2800 mm (110”) trim MG machine last producing 40 - 60 tpd MG papers and heavy tissue 20 – 90 gsm with a maximum speed of 800 m/min. It was installed new in 2002 and 2003. Machine includes: stainless steel headbox; stainless steel cantilever fourdrinier; suction press; Yankee dryer 3600 mm dia. With 6 bar pressure and a closed hood with a maximum temperature of 400 degrees C; automatic pope reel; and a sectional drive. Stock prep includes pulpers, cleaners, separator, screens dispersion unit, refiner and vacuum pumps. Rewinder with 10 knives installed in 2003.

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A098326 Used 2800 mm (110”) Over Mechanical fourdrinier paper machine last producing 140 TPD of 60 – 200 gsm of corrugated base paper, fluting, medium, fruit box paper and laminating paper. Stock prep includes Voith pulper; HC cleaner; Turbo separators; screens. Machine includes: PAMA hydraulic high turbulence headbox; fourdrinier; broke pulper; presses; total of 52 dryers 1500 mm diameter, 5 bar; Langbein & Engelbracht hood and ventilation system; Wolf inclined size press; Measurex quality control scanner; and pneumatic Pope reel. Machine had many rebuilds. Aprocart 2800 mm slitter rewinder with 3 installed slitters, 2000 m/m speed; Core cutter. Boilers and compressors. Full equipment list available.
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A098342 Used 2900 mm (114") trim Fourdrinier writing, printing and coated paper, 90 - 160 TPD of 70 - 320 gsm at 110 - 450 MPM. Left hand drive from flowbox. Machine includes stock prep, broke system, rewinder, color kitchen and coater/size press. Finishing equipment is optional. Ask for a full equipment list.

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A097775 Used 3300 mm wide, 2850 mm (112") trim Bruderhaus fourdrinier paper machine last producing 10 tph of 170 gsm base paper at 380 mpm. Machine includes: pressurized headbox; fourdrinier web forming with dandy roll; 3 press sections; 37 dryers divided into 10 groups and 3 IR dryers; Billblade coating stations; Escher Wyss rewinder; 2 calenders; pope reel; pneumatic and electronic instrumentation; Measurex 2002 process controls system. Full specs available upon request.
Used 2850 mm (112”) trim wire with former that produced 45,000 TPY of test liner, gypsum board and core board, 120 – 450 gsm at 200 – 280 m/min. Power supply is 380 V.50 Hz. This machine ran until March of 2011 and includes: bottom wire; top former; top wire; press section; K-press; Tem-Sec hot press; (26) 1250 mm dryers; 3200 mm Yankee; Pope reel; PLC; and all pumps. Bottom wire made in 1998, top wire in 2000, top former in 2005 and press part in 1998. Also included is a full stock preparation system. Full equipment list with photos is available.

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A097990 Used 2.9 meter (114”) trim Allimand fourdrinier paper machine producing 13 tons per hour of 80 – 400 gsm (best efficiency for 150 – 220 gsm) at 150 – 600 meters per minute. Machine includes: pressurized Allimand headbox; fourdrinier; Dandy roll; Millspaugh couch roll; press section with pick up and 2 press nips and an offset press; 40 pre dryers 1500 mm diameter, 3.5 bar, siphons and hood; vertical size press; 10 post dryers as before; 2 nip Beloit Kuster soft calender (2001); Measurex quality control system for basis weight, moisture, ash, thickness and color; reeler; broke pulper; Siemens electrical drive; Metso control system; and Techmo control system for optimizing the drying section. Also includes a broke system; size color preparation; additives preparation; Hansen double drum winder; wrapping machine; Jagenberg Simplex cutting machine; Pasaban rewinder; and effluent treatment. Stock preparation for virgin fibers includes 2 pulping and refining lines, a broke system, approach flow system and white water circuit. Full specs are available on request.
Used 2850 mm (112") twin wire paper machine previously produced 45,000 TPY of test liner, gypsum board and core board 120 - 450 gsm at 200 MPM with a capacity of 28 MPM. Machine ran until 2011. Full details available.

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A098444 122” (3.1 M) fourdrinier paper machine for tissue and towel papers 15 – 45 gsm. 35,000 MTPY in various colors. Furnish is 100% mixed waste paper. Includes stock prep. Machine includes: flowbox; press sections; Yankee dryer; spare Yankee; after dryers; reel; pumps; and drive. Also: heat recovery system; water treatment; boiler; DCS/QCS; and compressors. Built in 1989 with upgrades. Full equipment list and photos available.

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A098393 Used 3100mm (122") trim Crescent former tissue machine using virgin pulp stock at 1800 m/min (2 meter maximum speed) with closed hood, sutomatic pope reel, sectional drive, wrapping bobines system and core cutter. New 2000 and overhauled in 2009. Also with boiler, cranes and spare parts.
A098435 Used 3120 mm (122”) METSO tissue machine with stock prep. Left hand drive tissue machine has a design speed of 1200 meters, but running 1000 meters of 16 to 38 gsm. Machine includes: Valmet Periformer Crescent design; Valmet headbox; press section with a suction roll and pick up; 4570 mm dia Valmet Yankee dryer, 4 bar; ABB hood, gas fired; Lippke cross machine scanner; vacuum system; Alfa Laval DCS system; Honeywell/Lippke QCS system; and Celli tissue rewinder. Stock preparation line designed for 100 TPD using virgin pulp or selected used white papers. System includes: two stage deinking system; pulpers; HD cleaners; screens; drum thickeners; Andritz belt press; and more. Equipment list available.

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A098423 Used 3100 mm (122”) trim paper machine and system which produced cigarette tissue, grammage 14 to 35 gsm, design basis weight is 25 gsm, deckle at the reel is 3100mm, speed 300 to 400 m/min, machine design speed 450m/min, balance speed on machine 500m/min, porosity 100sec/100ml, gross production 45 t/day based on 25gsm at 400m/min. Basement design. Major rebuild year 2000 with many new parts installed. Centres 5954mm. QCS system by Precision express and Honeywell MXOPEN system. Paper dryness at reel 97%. Drive is at right hand side from the flowbox. Includes full stock preparation. Machine includes: cantilevered fourdrinier; breast roll; dandy roll; first press with suction pick up; second press is plain with pneumatic loading; third press has top Kuster roll and marking roll; fourth press has marking with engraved rolls; total of 19 dryers 1500 mm face, 75 psi; 2 roll, 250 pli calender with top kuster roll; porosity measuring system; Honeywell TPS scanner; in line slitter; and horizontal reel. Goebel rewinder. Balers. Laboratory. Photos and equipment list available.

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XA098242 Used 3120 mm (123”) trim Beloit Walmsley paper machine to produce 50,000 TPY of 100% coated base papers, label base papers (coated one side) and single coated papers. Current ranges coated base: 50 to 120 gsm and forms grades 45 to 80 gsm. Includes: stock preparation; 3120 mm (123”) deckle paper machine; calenders; and rewinder. Full equipment list available.
A098370 Used Bruderhaus-Voith 3.3 meter (130”) trim paper machine and line previously producing 170 TPD of one side coated fine paper, poster paper, label paper, carbonless and coated technical papers 60-170 GSM at 600 MPM. System includes stock prep, broke system and approach flow. Machine includes Voith hydraulic headbox; stainless steel cantilevered fourdrinier; 3 press sections; total of 37 dryers; several QCS systems; Beloit Billblade coater and kitchen; soft calender; Pope reel; and reel spool stand. Finishing includes Voith slitter rewinder type 65ML and baling press. Auxiliaries include vacuum system; spares and documentation. Full specs and photos available.

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A098366 Used 3550 mm (139 ½”) Over Meccanica twin wire machine line. Previously produced 180 TPD (24 hours) of white and brown testliner , 100 – 220 GSM at a maximum speed of 420 M/min. from OCC raw material. New in 1968 with rebuilds through 2004. Includes stock preparation and approach flow system as well as for top layer. The machine includes: cantilevered bottom wire with hydraulic headbox; suction couch roll with s/s shell; automatic basis weight cross-profile controls. The top wire also has a hydraulic headbox as above. There are three presses: a suction pick up roll; Bi Nip press with 1 suction press roll and 2 blind drilled rolls; and a shoe press; There are 17 pre-dryers 1500 mm diameter designed for 5 bar with a closed hood and ventilation system. A 4000mm M.G. cylinder. There is a horizontal size press and then 12 after dryers as above. There is a two roll soft compact calendar with 1 Nipco roll and one heated roll followed by an online quality control scanner for basis weight and moisture profile. The Pope reel is hydraulic with turn-up system. The machine drive is sectional with individual motors. Also includes a vacuum system finishing house equipment, laboratory and spares. Available separately is a steam boiler and cogeneration plant. We have an equipment list with photos available.

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A097965 Used 129” trim paper machine, originally installed in 1896, but with major rebuilds that leave only some dryer frames from that vintage. Oldest rolls or other needed components no older than the 1950’s, but with major upgrades in 1984 through 1986. Grades were 60-145 pounds per 3300 square feet of coated paper. Machine speed was 1100 FPM on 60 lb (lineshaft limited) and 550 FPM of 145 lb (dryer limited). Machine includes the following components. Headbox Sulzer Escher Wyss step diffuser headbox, 316 s/s. Slice width 139” (3530.6 mm) Design speed 1080 FPM initial, but capable of 2000 MPM. Basis weight range 70-120 lb. PE tank flow range 3835-2980 GPM with future of 7150 GPM. New 1984. Fourdrinier L.G. Industries, 316 s/s, cantilevered, with 3 vacuum boxes, 4 flat vacuum baxes and 10 foils (1-forming board, 4-with 4 strips, 3-with 3 strips, and 2-with 2 strips.) 12 uhle boxes. 28” diameter Dandy roll and 26” diameter suction couch roll with hard rubber over bronze. New 1984. Presses
1st press with micro rock top roll (spare roll is granite) and 26” suction bottom roll with 150 pli. 2nd press with granite top roll and blind drilled L&G bottom roll with 200 pli. 3rd press is a smoothing press with micro rock bottom and polly top roll, pneumatically loaded (60 psi). 150 pli. Dryers Most dryers are non code. However, the following is a description of what’s there. 1st dryer section includes 26 dryers, 48” diameter. The Beloit felt rolls were added in 1995. False ceiling in hood with exhaust dampers. Pocket ventilation nozzles and ducts were new in 1995. 2nd dryer section is after the size press. Includes 11 dryers nade by Beloit and Sandy Hill. As above, less the Accuray. 3rd dryer section has 11 cans by Beloit and Sandy Hill. Beloit felt roll (1993) open canopy hood, rope stretch. No drive. Code dryers are: 3) Sandy Hill cans 48” dia. X 136 stamped for 50 psi; 1) Sandy Hill can, 48” dia. X 136 stamped for 75 psi; 3) Sandy Hill can, 48” dia. X 136” stamped for 125 psi; 1) Beloit can, 48” dia. X 132 stammped for 50 psi; and 3) Beloit can, 48” dia. X 132” stamped for 75 psi. Cans were new between 1978 – 1998. Size Press Patton, horizontal size press with line shaft drive, cone pulleys and transfer box. Calender 136” face 128” web Appleton single nip machine calender. 1500 FPM maximum design speed. 1000 pli design nip pressure. Includes bottom swimming roll, 19” dia. Non-driven. Temperature controlled driven roll, 28” dia. AMCO thermal system and pneumatic pressure system. New mid 80’s. Coater AB&V bill blade coater with nozzles and backing roll was new in 1985. With 2 after coater chilled rolls, “C” frame and tanks. Reel Jagenberg horizontal track reel new in 1984. 128” working width, 86.5” maximum reel diameter. 360 MPM maximum speed. Auxiliary Equipment 72” DSM screen. Controls, drawings and manuals.
A098359 Used Voith – Dorries 3.6 M (141”) trim combined fourdrinier – former board machine and stock preparation equipment. Board machine produced 77,000 MTPY of coated board 300 – 600 GSM, 0.4 – 1.01 mm thick. Stock prep capacity is 150,000 MTPY. Board Machine includes: 2 suction formers; 6 short formers; 1 top and 1 bottom carrier; couch broke pulper; open headbox; fourdrinier; 3 press sections; press-broke pulper; 5 dryer sections totaling 27 dryer cylinders and 2 MG cylinders; wet calender; horizontal size press; dry broke pulper below size press; 3 coating sections; 3 roll machine calender; scanners; hydraulic Pope reel; steam and condensate system; starch prep system; coating prep system; and Jagenberg Vari-Dur slitter rewinder; and Jagenberg duplex sheeter. Equipment list and photos available.

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A097651 Used 144" (3.66M) trim Rice Barton fourdrinier paper machine last producing 5.6 - 7 TPH on 22-48# publication paper at 2000 FPM. Machine includes: 160" wire width Rice Barton fourdrinier with 32" couch roll; Beloit first press 450 pli; Beloit second press 400 pli; (38) Rice Barton dryers 60" diameter with anti friction bearings gear drives with 140 teeth and pinions with 63 teeth; 10 roll calender stack with 30" bottom driven roll, 16" queen roll; Black Clawson 36" diameter reel with mount hope roll; Black Clawson winder; drives Measurex 2090 scanner system; IMPCO disc saveall; cleaners and refiners.
A097652 Used 144" (3.66M) trim Rice Barton fourdrinier paper machine last producing 5.6 - 7 TPH on 22-48# publication paper at 2000 FPM. Machine includes: 160" wire width Rice Barton fourdrinier with 32" couch roll; Beloit first press 450 pli; Beloit second press 400 pli; (40) Rice Barton dryers 60" diameter with anti friction bearings gear drives with 124 teeth and pinions with 56 teeth; 10 roll calender stack with 30" bottom driven roll, 16" queen roll; Black Clawson 36" diameter reel with mount hope roll; Black Clawson winder; drives Measurex 2090 scanner system; IMPCO disc saveall; cleaners and refiners.
A098114 Used 3700 mm (146”) trim MG paper machine line, last producing 3.8 TPH of 40 – 180 gsm envelope and bag papers at 150 – 400 MPM. Line includes stock preparation including cleaners, screens, separator, thickeners, claflin and refiner. Machine includes: Voith pressurized flowbox, stainless lined; Bertrams shake motion, stainless cantilevered wire frame, forming board, foils, suction boxes, suction couch, etc.; first press includes Millspaugh suction roll on bottom with granite top roll; Second press with micro rock and mate covers; dryers include (5) Westbury 1500 mm diameter cans, operating at 34 psi, 5000 MM Walmsley MG cylinder with 4140 mm face operating at 55 psi, (3) Westbury 1500 mm after dryers operating at 15.5 psi; Measurex scanner for moisture and grammage profile; horizontal reel with pneumatic loading; sectional electric drive; pumps; Passaban two drum rewinder (1995) 3750 mm wide with shaft unwind; Toledo floor mounted scales with digital read out; Hanley horizontal baler; and cranes. Specs available upon request.
A097843 Used 3.9 M (154") trim Beloit fourdrinier machine previously producing 8000 MTPY of imitation parchent or 30-90 GSM operating at 250 MPM (Maximum design speed is 350 MPM). Machine includes: shearflo hydaulic headbox; cantilevered fourdrinier with 3 Beloit wet presses; 47 dryers 1524 mm diameter; size press; pope reel; Jagenberg and Belooit rewinders. Stock prep includes filters, refiners, cleaners, screens and pulper. Specs available upon request.

A097780 Used 164" Beliot paper machine previously producing 750 tpd of 26 - 40 lb/100 sq. ft. (127-195 gsm) runing at 1800 to 3200 fpm (549-975 mpm). Machine includes: Beloit Concept III Converflo headbox; fourfrinier; first press (1988) has a 25" dia. Blind drilled poly covered roll, a 40" dia, 18" Hg Poly covered center roll (450 pli); second press (1988) has a 38.5", 18" Hg, stainless steel top roll and 37.5" dia internally loaded exteded nip press CC roll (500 pli); ENP loading is 6000 pli; 49 dryers 60" dia. x 174" face, 125 psi @ 450 deg. F. code stamped; and reel.
A097809 Used 4.250 meter (167") trim fourdrinier paper machine last producing 300 TPD of 90 - 200 GSM at 400 MPM (design speed of 600 MPM). Rebuilt in 1990, machine includes: pressurized head box Beloit Stataflow twin layers fourdrinier wire section; dewatering table with ceramic multifoils; four presses include 1) press suction, 2) press venta-nip 3) press with Beloit cc-roll and 4) smoothing press; 64 dryers 1500 mm diameter at 5 bar pressure; horizontal size press; 4 roll machine calender; LIPKE cross profile; pope reel; Jagenberg 2000 mpm winder and strapping machine for rolls. Stock pre includes: fractionator; deflaker; refiners; thickeners; screens; and cleaners. 250 ton per day waste paper plant includes: 3 pulpers; turboseparators; fiberizer; cleaners; thickeners; hot disperging system; and more.
A098041 Used 168" (4.28M) trim paper machine last producing up to 12 TPH of woodfree paper 80 - 210 gsm with a design speed of 620 mpm. Machine includes 1984 Escher Wyss step diffuser headbox; knock down fourdrinier; three press sections; 52 dryer cans 1219 mm diameter x 4300 mm face with 3.0 bar maximum pressure; Black Clawson inclined size press; 1984 4-roll plus Kuster swimming roll calender; and horizontal reel. Also included is dry end broke pulper; Measures 2002; Honeywell DCS; other scanners; vacuum pumps and machine drives. Detailed specs and photos upon request.
A098249 4350 mm (171”) paper machine for writing-printing paper (35 - 150 g/m2) - telephone directory - newsprint - LWC, etc. Stopped summer 2006. Wire width: 4850 mm, Reel width: 4350 mm, Basis weight: 35 - 150 g/m2, Max speed: 1000 m/min.Capacity: 300 Tpd. Machine includes: Fourdrinier with top former, forming board, 21 adjustable angle foils – 4 suction boxes; Press Section: Twinver plus third press, Presses face: 4930 mm, Center bearings distance: 4510 mm; Pre-dryers section with 40 dryer cylinders Ψ 1522 mm, 2 Unorun (6 + 8) and 2 double felted (14 + 12), working pressure 5 bar; Top technology Metso Optiziser size press, rolls Ψ 714 mm, with 3 spare rolls; I.R. Solaronics gas dryers; Post-dryer section with 5 dryer cylinders, working pressure 5 bar; Single nip machine calendar, with spare rolls; Brunnschweiler hood with heat recovery; DC Valmet sectional drive; left hand; QCS by ABB. Machine built by Beloit in 1961; major upgradings: headbox by Valmet in 1987 (Sym Flow with profile control); pondside: 4680 mm; top former by Valmet in 1987; size press by Valmet in 1999 (Sym Sizer); post dryer section by Comecart in 1999 (5 dryers Ψ 1500 mm); reel by Valmet in 1997.
A098227 Used 180” paper machine built by Beloit and Voith to produce up to 350 TPD of Coated Freesheet (28 – 60 #/3300 sq. ft.) and Lightweight Uncoated Freesheet (27 – 60 #/3300 sq. ft.). Working speed 3343 FPM (maximum speed 3500 FPM). New 1968 with major rebuilds in 1995 and 1999.
A098152 Used 180” (4.6m) trim top former paper machine, last producing 350 FPM. Machine includes: Voith hydraulic dilution headbox; Voith top former; press section; 34 main dryers 60” diameter, 75 PSI; pre-calender Beloit 2 roll with controlled crown bottom roll; 11 after dryers; infrared dryers; Sulzer soft nip calender; Beloit reel; controls; spares; stock preparation equipment; and finishing. Full list available.
XAA098243 Used 4600mm (181”) fourdrinier paper machine producing 87,473 TPY,, speed 480 to 760 m/min, capable of 830 m/min, gsm range 35 to 90. Production 10 to 12 t/hr at a speed range 400 to 750 m/min, producing an average grammage range of 42 to 79 gsm eg. at 54 gsm, production is 11.7 t/hr. The paper machine is of basement design and the drive is on the left side looking from the flowbox. Manufactured in Japan by SANP in 1969 with rebuilds in 1997. Machine includes: Beloit Concept 4 flowbox; cantilever, stainless steel fourdrinier with suction couch; (2 presses; 36 pre-dryers 60 psi; 27 1524 mm diameter dryers 60 psi; Honeywell Measurex scanner; basement pulper; Beloit size press; (9) after dryers 1524 mm diameter 60 psi; under machine Sydrapulper; twin Beloit 2 roll calender; Honeywell Measurex scanner; hole detector; Valmet horizontal drum reel; DC drive; vacuum pumps and a Jagenberg rewinder. Also includes full stock preparation. See Full Equipment list.
A098253 Used 4.8 meter (188") trim printing and writing fourdrinier machine to produce 350 tpd of 12-28 lb/1,33 sq. ft. running 800 mpm. Also ran copy paper and quantum opaque. Machine includes Escher Wyss step diffuser headbox; foudrinier with Wscher Wyss Twinformer Top-wire unit; Beloit press sections (3); (39) main dryers 1500 mm dia.; Gate roll size press; (8) after dryers as above; 2 roll Beloiit calender; Beloit Level Rail reel; Beloit Model L winder; and Controls with Honeywell process control computer system.
A098300 Used 5300 mm (208") trim Beloit fourdrinier newsprint machine last producing 350 TPD, 45 GSM at 915 MPM of newsprint and directoery paper. Machine includes:Beloit Converflow headbox; fourdrinier; 3 presses;54 dryers 1522 mm dia x 5 bar; 6 roll machine calender; pope reel; and 2 Beloit rewinders. Machine is left hand driven by a line shaft equipped with big special gearboxes for each drive point. Stock prep.
A098299 Used 6100 mm (240") trim newsprint machine capable of producing up to 400 TPD 34-70 GSM at 915 MPM newsprint,telephone directory, wood free and wood containing printing and supercalendered paper. Machine includes: pressurized headbox; fourdrinier; pick-up suction roll; 3 presses; 56 dryers 1522 mm dia x 5 bar; 6 roll calender; pope reel; and 2 rewinders. Also stock prep.Used 6100 mm (240") trim newsprint machine capable of producing up to 400 TPD 34-70 GSM at 915 MPM newsprint,telephone directory, wood free and wood containing printing and supercalendered paper. Machine includes: pressurized headbox; fourdrinier; pick-up suction roll; 3 presses; 56 dryers 1522 mm dia x 5 bar; 6 roll calender; pope reel; and 2 rewinders. Also stock prep.
A098309 Used 7000 mm (275”) trim newsprint paper machine last producing 402 TPD 42 – 48 GSM at 900 MPM. Machine includes Valmet Symflow headbox, Valmet top former, Valmet flowbox with dilution control, auto profile setting on slice, stainless steel wire frame, cantilevered design, four stainless foil units, Valmet top former, suction couch roll. Dryness after the wire: 20%.; Suction pick up from wire, combi type press with two rolls running against a central roll, plain press rolls, second press with bottom kuster roll. Cantilevered design, 43 dryers on A/F bearings and rated 70 PSI operating pressure, dryers 48” diameter with bolted ends recently rejointed on A/F bearings and rated 50 PSI operating pressure, enclosed gear drive, internal siphons, sheathen rope feed, manual felt tensioning. Fully enclosed hood with front opening doors. Under machine pulper at the last dryer, Two roll calender with bottom Kuster roll, Fibron tail feed from dryers through calender to reel up, Measurex cross machine profile, MX 2000 with Divici upgrade, measuring gsm, moisture etc. Ulma hole detector, Calcoil on calender roll. Broke pulpers at press section and last dryer. In the basement is a SAFEMATIC auto lub system to all dryer, calendar and reel up bearings: Rewinder Jagenberg Vari Dur Drive L/H, brake generator for reel spools, 11 slitters, tambour unwind with lateral movement, tail feed, 7000mm deckle in and 6850mm out, unwind diameter 1500mm , rewind diameter 1250mm on newsprint and 1500mm on other grades, air box assisted, shaftless rewind reel ejector and lowering table. Twin motor drive each 116 kw and rewinder model is 85-15/850/7400mm, year 1982. Core feed manual from the side of the rewinder. Also included are refiners, Beloit and Jylhavara pressure screens, drum thickener, several pulpers, and vacuum system.
A098335 Used 5.7 meter (224”) trim fourdrinier paper mach, previously producing 100,000 TPY of graphic paper 45 – 74 gsm at 750 MPM with online coater. Machine includes: IR Centrisorter screen; Black Clawson headbox; Dominion cant-lever fourdrinier with Valmet former; first press Dominion CombiPress 450 pli; second press Dominion CombiPress 560 pli; 37 Dominion dryers; Dominion calender stack; Beloit 5715 mm winder; and Beloit reel drum.
A098336 Used 5.7 meter (224”) trim fourdrinier paper mach, previously producing 100,000 TPY of graphic paper 45 – 74 gsm at 750 MPM with online coater. Machine includes: IR Centrisorter screen; Black Clawson headbox; Dominion cant-lever fourdrinier with Valmet former; first press Dominion CombiPress 450 pli; second press Voith Nipco Flex Shoe, 6000 pli; 37 Dominion dryers; IHI roller coated sizing and coating press; Dominion calender stack; Beloit 5715 mm winder; and Beloit reel drum.
Used 6.45 meter (254”) paper machine, new in 1998, with deinking lines capable of 170,000 TPY on 40 – 120 gsm. Ran LWC 54 – 85 gsm with a production of 506 TPD with the highest being 785 TPD. The design speed is 800 – 1500 MPM. The machine includes: Beloit headbox; fourdrinier bottom former; high capacity Belbond top former; presses; pick up roll; 31 pre dryer section; metering size press; airturn and air dryer hood; 7 post dryers; soft nip calender; reel; QCS and DCS; and 2 winders. Additionally, there are two deinking lines.

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A098310 Used 7000 mm (275”) trim newsprint last producing 402 TPD of 42 – 48 GSM at 900 MPM. Approach flow includes Ahlstrom Moduscreen in stainless, model HB6, year 1998, number 711. Secondary screen: Ahlstrom Moduscreen model HB2 CP screen. Jylhavara pressure screen JS-140-LO2M, 1985.Two drum thickeners for white water recovery, stainless wire covered drums.Voith final stage LD cleaners not in use. Machine chests are of concrete construction. Stock pumps are Scann.In machine basement air receiver AR22 with a SWP of 105 psi. Beloit Concept 4 headbox, Beloit flowbox with dilution control, step diffuser manifold, manual slice adjustment, stainless steel, wire frame stainless with plain breast roll, three stainless foil units and vacuformer before the Beloit Bell bond top former, suction couch roll, stainless steel wire frame with cantilever operation. Dryness after wire: 20%, Suction pick up from wire, first press with pneumatic loading, and second press with a bottom kuster roll. Press section cantilevered for easy felt changes. First press 450 PLI, under machine pulper between press section and dryers. Dryness after press section: 40%.43 dryers 48” diameter with bolted ends, ends recently rejointed, on A/F bearings and rated 50 PSI operating pressure, internal scoops for condensate, enclosed gear drives, under machine pulper, dryer sheathen rope feed. Auto tension on rope system, manual tension on felts. Tail transfer from dryers to calendar by Voith tail transfer system. The dryers have a fully enclosed hood with front lifting doors. Two roll calender with bottom Kuster roll, through calender to reel up, Measurex cross machine profile, gsm, moisture etc. Ulma hole detector, VIB damper and Calcoil on the calender rolls. In basement SAFEMATIC auto lub system to all dryer, calender and reel up bearings. Reel stand for reel spools containing a total of 8 reel shells. Jagenberg rewinder model 85-15/850/7400, R/H drive with a brake generator for reel spool unwind, 7000mm deckle in and 6850mm out, unwind diameter 1500mm, rewind shaftless for 1143mm diameter on newsprint and 1524 mm on other grades, tension control, edge adjustment on unwind stands, 11 slitters, tail feed, shaftless rewind reel ejector and lowering table. Twin motor drive, model 180 kw each motor. Core feed manual from side of the rewinder.
A098448 Two used paper machines 8.5M reel width for the production of brown grade papers. Machine 1 was built in 1972 by Valmet and theoretical production of 45gsm 486 – 572 TPD. Machine 2 was built by Valmet in 1974 and theoretical production of 538 – 626 TPD at 45gsm. Both include: approach flow; stock prep; pumps; and computer systems.

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